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press mentions :: Dawn Till Dusk

Shadows and Light Somewhere in Time
By William Meyers
The Wall Street Journal

The 30 pictures at Bekman are supposed to follow the sun through the course of a day, and these works from 20 photographers and six painters do tend to illustrate the effects of light on a scene.

For instance, Youngna Park's "Balloons (Midtown, Manhattan)" is a row of balloons seen against a plate-glass window outside of which some high-rise office and apartment buildings are visible, but the sun is shining so intensely through the window that it bleaches the color from the balloons. The light is so overpowering in the middle of the picture that it obliterates the sight of some balloons entirely.

At the other end of the spectrum, Sally Mann's black-and-white "Untitled #6, Antietam" was taken at night, with a distant horizon line and the silhouettes of two or three trees the only discernible features. The murky, dappled texture overlaying the sky and the ground may be the result of Ms. Mann's chemical processes, and the white spots may be stars or dust on the negative. Regardless, the result is a gothic, romantic sense of place that seems particular to the South.

Todd Hido's chromogenic picture of a solitary house in a rundown neighborhood, "#1975-A," was also taken at night, but the light on in the attic room signals life, whatever it is that the person or people inside may be doing.