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press release :: Ornithology

New York, NY Jen Bekman is pleased to present Ornithology, a group show featuring a stellar array of artists working in various media, many of whom have a participated in other Jen Bekman projects including 20x200 (, the innovative website featuring affordable limited edition prints, and Hey, Hot Shot! (, the gallerys international photography competition, now in its fourth year.

The exhibition will be on view Wednesday, June 25 through August 2, 2008 at Jen Bekman Gallery located at 6 Spring Street, New York, 10012.

An opening reception for the artists will be held on the evening of Wednesday, June 25 from 6:00 8:00 p.m. at the gallery.

Ornithology features bird-themed works by Echo Eggebrecht, Todd Forsgren, Laura Levine, Carrie Marill, Christina Muraczewski, Victoria Neel, Lamar Peterson, Jason Polan, Alec Soth, Amy Stein, Keith Taylor, Bert Teunissen, and Luke Stephenson. Many of these artists will debut exclusive editions on 20x200 ( during the course of the exhibition.

In the spirit of summer, Ornithology takes its cues from the great outdoors. With their brightly colored plumage, sweet songs, and uncanny ability to fly, birds have captivated humans for centuries, making ornithologists out of even the most casual of observers. From Aristotle to Audubon, Darwin to the binocular- clad of Central Park, our feathered friends have proven to be a source of abundant inspiration.

Curating this exhibition has been an absolute delight, comments Jen Bekman. Being an avian aficionado myself, Ive always gravitated towards work featuring our fine feathered friends. My predilection is plain on 20x200, where bird-themed editions from Carrie Marill, Laura Levine, and Luke Stephenson have sold out in minutes. Aside from the obvious appeal of transforming the gallery into an ersatz aviary during these summer months, the exhibition also presents a wonderful opportunity to display original works by 20x200 artists alongside other artists Ive worked with for years like Alec Soth and Amy Ross.

Ornithology at Jen Bekman Gallery, 6 Spring Street.
Hours: Wednesday Saturday, noon 6pm or by private appointment.

For additional information and images email or phone 212.219.0166.