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artist statements: :: Nina Berman | Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts is a series of photographic portraits and interviews with American soldiers who were severely wounded in Iraq. These photographs explore the physical and psychological repercussions of the war for individuals who have served in Iraq and returned home. The portraits were taken across the United States in soldiers' homes, in military hospitals, and on Army bases. A monograph, “Purple Hearts Back from Iraq, was published by Trolley in 2004. In addition to this solo show, Nina Berman's award-winning portrait of disfigured Iraq veteran Ty Ziegel and his fiancée Renee on their wedding day was shown at Jen Bekman Gallery as part of the Hey, Hot Shot! Spring 2007 Showcase.

“This is an important project, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer a venue for it to be seen,” says gallerist Ms. Bekman, “It tackles what I consider to be one of the most disturbing, and over-looked, aspects of this war: the stories of those soldiers who have been maimed and the lives they continue to lead once they’ve come back home.”