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I paint still lives and people. In both instances I am looking for a sense of emotional resonance. My close friends sometimes say my work conveys a sense of sadness, I think that they are responding to the earth tone palette. To me it’s not sad, it is real like nature, suggesting birth and death. I am trying to expose a world that is below the surface. My process is not rational; it is intuitive. I base my decisions on my feelings. I respond to earth, cement, leaves, stone. My response is visceral and that reaction is the basis of my aesthetic.

I work in a way that is representational, that has caused me to look more deeply into the structure of things and this to me is a primary source of growth. I am forced to drop my conceptions and see what is. I am not a slave to representation - I sometimes put my objects into murky or undefined spaces. I am aiming for a certain impact and I am free to go to any means to achieve that.
I am always on the look out for something new to paint: interesting expressons, bone structures, objects or compositions, but several subjects have started to repeat themselves. It’s like reading the same book over and over again. My perspective changes. The subject changes. It is a rich process.