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artist statements: :: Holly Lynton | Solid Ground

Someone shouts to me from across the street that I look too young to be driving. At the airport, a woman thinks I am waving goodbye to my sister, not my daughter. People will unabashedly state that I must be twelve, or sixteen, or at a stretch, perhaps twenty-two, even when their assumption defies logic. They will also go to great lengths to share their observation. I am particularly drawn to these moments where assumption, perception, and presentation collide to create fantasy.

I make large-scale, color, photographic prints and videos, turning mundane events and memories from my daily life into fantasies. The events can be anything from playing in the snow, to a bird getting caught in raspberry netting. Sometimes, I respond spontaneously to an event in the world and grab my camera. Other times, I recreate a scene from a past event, and photograph it.

In my new series, Solid Ground, I photographed a series of events in my small back yard. My back yard is hardly the Serengeti, but after a trip to Tanzania, I became convinced there existed within it hints of the same beauty and danger. Instead of vultures eating a lion's discards, we have sparrows eating raspberries. Instead of green mamba snakes, we have slugs, but there is a jungle at grass level from the slug's point of view. In the image entitled "Limax," slugs climb over the tangled grass to occupy the glasses of sugary mojitos that have been left outside.

I limit the visual information in each situation and remove the story or the context for an action, so that a fragmented narrative remains. In the image "Supernal," a hand extends out of a pile of leaves to catch the chubby legs of a child as she floats up off the ground. In another image, "I love Monday," a 2-year-old girl stands in grass up to her knees wearing just her "I love Monday" underpants. Her arms are outstretched with her back to the camera. The darkness of the foliage hides the true size of the space before her.