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press release :: Hey, Hot Shot! 2008 First Edition

NEW YORK - Jen Bekman Gallery is pleased to present Mercy Mercer, twelve color photographs by Derek Henderson. Mercy Mercer is Henderson’s first solo exhibition in New York.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, September 10, 2010, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Mercy Mercer will be on view Saturday, September 11th through Sunday, October 24th, at Jen Bekman Gallery, located at 6 Spring Street, New York, New York.

Mercy Mercer, Henderson’s photographic exploration of the Waikato River region in New Zealand, is seductive and insightful. An area steeped in history, the river and the region serve utilitarian purposes and fulfill spiritual needs for local tribes. The exhibition includes sweeping landscapes paired alongside intimate portraits of the river’s inhabitants, and documentation of the ways they use and connect with the land. Blending the majestic with the ordinary, the exhibition’s twelve images balance form and content to describe a place that’s rooted in history and tradition, yet actively changing and evolving. Empathy in the portrayal of the river and its neighbors is a constant thread throughout the work.

The images in Mercy Mercer are mesmerizing and can completely overwhelm; at the same time they are incredibly detailed and approachable. Henderson walks the line between exploring and telling a beautiful story while allowing the viewer to have a unique and personal connection with each image.

Derek Henderson was born in a rural town, called Napier, in New Zealand. In a place where studying photography was not an option, he became an assistant for an advertising photographer in Auckland. Derek went on to work in London for ID, Arena Homme Plus, The Observer Magazine, Exit and other magazines. Wanting to work on more personal projects, he returned to New Zealand and completed his second book. Derek Henderson was a Hot Shot in the 2008 First Edition competition and has exhibited his work worldwide.

The book Mercy Mercer, published in 2009 by Michel Lett, is available for purchase at the gallery.

Mercy Mercer is at Jen Bekman Gallery, 6 Spring Street, New York, New York.

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, noon - 6 p.m. or by private appointment For additional information and images, email or phone 212.219.0166.