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artist statements: :: Addie Juell | The Way It Is

To delineate the simplicity of my sentiment I have titled this series of photographs, The Way It Is.

My interest lies in the evocation of associations or emotions from ephemeral material that work as signs of an existing reality. Although I use the photograph for its artificiality, my practice is influenced by the meaningfulness of a photograph as defined by, and derived from its relationship to the Real. Stickers, the mundane and childlike pictographs of our modern world, are the elements with which I choose to develop both the ironies of mimetic reflection as well as the tenets of my own personal narrative.

My process is in two steps. I first compose images with stickers on blank white paper, pursuing ideals of formal composition with informal material. The tales I weave are then given a life of their own through the lens of a large format camera.