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press release :: Addie Juell | The Way It Is

NEW YORK, NY jen bekman is pleased to present The Way It Is, an exhibition of photographs by Addie Juell. The exhibition will be on view from March 23 – April 29, 2006 at jen bekman, located at 6 Spring Street, between Elizabeth and Bowery, New York, 10012

Jen Bekman will host an opening reception for the artist on Thursday, March 23, from 6:00 – 8:00pm at the gallery.

Juell’s work is a conceptual montage of exploration, curiosity and meditation on the nature of artifice and existence. Her work utilizes pre-fabricated stickers that are cut up and rearranged on paper to create entirely new compositions. The artist, however, does not exhibit this sticker arrangement as her finished piece, but chooses instead to present a photograph of the work that flattens the physical surface, but not the rich, visual texture of the image. As the artist notes, “My process is in two steps. I first compose images with stickers on blank white paper, pursuing ideals of formal composition with informal material. The tales I weave are then given a life of their own through the lens of a large format camera. The photograph is the document that transforms what happened into what is important.”

Bekman remarks, “I am constantly reviewing new work, and it’s rare that I find something truly unique. Juell’s work struck me immediately because it was something I'd never seen before. She uses materials, colors and images that are thought of as feminine and harmless to communicate a very nuanced set of ideas interwoven with a bawdy sense of humor. This remix of high and low is simultaneously sophisticated and unassuming. When viewing her works in person, you can see the imperfections of the human hand in the composition. You can see that the stickers might have been created with perfect symmetry, consistency and borders, but through Juell’s unique process, the end result is something that is clearly handmade and filled with wit.”

Addie Juell was born and raised in Northern California, in very small town that you have most likely have never heard of. In 1998, she received her BFA in photography from Humboldt State University and moved to New York City shortly thereafter. She worked at Edwynn Houk Gallery for several years, where she found the inspiration to push forward in her own process as an artist. She currently resides in Brooklyn. This is her first exhibition.

Established in March of 2003, jen bekman has attracted the attention of critics, museum curators and collectors alike. The gallery, its artists and exhibitions have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Interior Design, W, The Village Voice, Harper’s, Crain's, Photo District News (PDN), The New Yorker and New York. The gallery also has an established online presence, having been featured on sites such as Artnet, Curbed, Daily Candy, Manhattan Users Guide, Design Observer, From the Floor and Jen, the gallery's founder and director, is the editor of the popular design blog, Personism, bringing the gallery and its artists to the attention of an even broader audience of designers, architects, and magazine editors.

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